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  • Loans from $5.000 USD to $500.000.000 USD
  • Good and Bad Credit Welcome, with Immediate loan decision
  • Unlike Some Loan Companies we do not have hidden Fees
  • Loans available for both Domestic and worldwide customers
  • Possibility to get a loan in your account within 48 hours
  • WARNING: LATE OR MISSED PAYMENTS – can cause you serious money problems and could seriously affect your Credit Rating. For help go to MONEYADVICESERVICE.ORG.UK

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 Applying for Loans at First Smart Financial Home?

We are available at First Smart Financial Home to provide you with the assistance you need with applications to obtain the loan you want. We are an International Loan Company and consider most circumstances, this can include people with bad credit. 

We are a Global loan company and we Lend to every country of the world, irrespective of your nationality, location and country, being it be Europe, America, South America, Africa and Asia. You are welcome to apply and if you are successfully we let you know within 24 hours of your application.

If you’re one of the millions of consumers being declined for a loan anywhere in the world, because of poor credit history, it’s most likely because of your bad credit rating. Your rating will affect your ability to be approved for a loan, especially if you have bad credit.

High street lenders will often only lend to consumers that have a good credit standing, i.e no bad credit history, therefore applying for a loan with them may not get you the finance you are looking for. If anything being declined may only worsen your credit rating.

What is your credit rating good or bad?

Your rating is a score that displays to potential lenders how likely you are to repay any monies they lend to you. Your score is one that is built up through previous borrowing, therefore if you have no previous borrowing history, your score may be lower than others.

More importantly if you have hit trouble with credit repayments in the past and may have missed loan, credit card or bill repayments then this will have had a negative impact on your credit rating. Likewise any CCJ’s or defaults have a huge impact. This may lead you to look for what’s commonly known as a bad credit loan or loans for bad credit

One of the things to remember about your credit score is that you can repair it, but in order to do so it helps to make sure that all of your future repayments are paid on time, with time this will improve your rating and give you more options when it comes to seeking finance.

Can I apply for a Loan with First Smart Financial Home, with Bad Credit?

We don't lend solely on yoru credit rating, so even with your bad credit record, you are welcome to apply with us and if you will be successful with your application, we will let you know that within 24 hours of receiving your application. No matter how bad you think your credit rating is, you are welcome to apply with us, cos your chances of getting approve for a loan with First Smart Financial Home, doesn't equate to yoru credit rating.

What Loans and Financial Service we Offer

We are specialized in providing all types of loan to customers both Domestic and International. Our loan ranges from $5,000 USD to $500,000,000 USD and offered as either Secured or Unsecured Loan. Here at First Smart Financial Home, we gives out the following types of loans in both secure and unsecured way to only serious, reliable and trustworthy customers.

Student Loans
Personal Loans
Business Loans
Home Loans
Commercial Loans
Car loans / Auto Loans
Bill consolidations
Second Mortgage
Debt Consolidation Loans
Enterprise Loans
Business Start-Up Loans

Borrow £5,000 - £500m, over 12 months to 45 years.

Our unsecured and secured loans can help you:

Grow your business
With working capital
Cover one-off business costs
Buy an asset
Develop a property
Get a commercial mortgage

If your loan is for something else, just tell us in your application.  

Straightforward application

Apply online at a time that suits you and you’ll be kept up to date at every step of the way. Get a decision direct from our credit team within hours, not days.

10 minutes

Create a full application within 10 miniutes and get a dedicated loan officer, to guide you throughout the entire loan process.

3 working days

Once your application is received and accepted, you can be almost sure to get your loan delivered within 3 working days.


85% of businesses that borrow from First Smart Financial Home would approach us first for a loan, rather than go to a bank. 


Loan Investment through First Smart Financial Home involves lending to individuals, enterprise, small and medium sized businesses, so your investment can go down as well as up.

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